About Us

Hello I am Jayne and The Truly Cool Beachwear Company is ‘my baby’

Truly Cool was born out of a desire to find unique, glamorous beach clothing which was comfortable to wear and wouldn’t cost the earth. My first priority being that all the garments would be made from natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk which would be... breathable and TRULY COOL.

I’m a Sagittarius and true to my sign born with a passion for travel. I have been very fortunate to have taken many exotic, wonderful trips both near & far from Cornwall to the Coromandel peninsular. Having a fair Celtic skin I have always needed to cover up for part of the day…..mmm honestly …a bit shy too! No beach bar lunches in a bikini for me!

I eventually got fed up that everything I loved was high-end designer so prohibitively expensive and usually dry clean only so not practical. The other options were mass produced for the high street or made from nasty synthetics which would do nothing but insulate the heat and make me miserable.

I was so delighted when eventually I discovered some unique designs. These dresses are a joy to wear, made from the finest 100% Turkish cotton decorated with hand crochet cotton trims. No mass production here – just coverups with a bit of a twist. All the fish and flower embellishments are hand crochet by lovely smiley ladies in their Turkish homes who work at their own pace. The dresses are individually decorated so no two are the same.
Wear ironed if you like the pristine look but the dresses also look super, fresh out of the bag and…crinkly! They are as light as a feather to pack and most styles come ready twisted in to a ‘Venetian twist’ and packed I their own little ‘dolly’ bag for easy storage and packing into a corner of your suitcase and beach bag.

I hope you love them as much as I do.

Jayne x